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Picture of a Christmas tree and ornament

Yes, I am writing about Christmas in August. My child has already gone back to school, and even though I live in the south, where August is hot, I noticed a few yellow leaves this week. The trees got me thinking about the holidays.

I enjoy celebrating Christmas. I especially…

This is an easy article to bookmark as a reference and check for regular updates

Picture of lilac roses

I am in the process of writing a collection of articles about flower essences. If this topic interests you, you may want to bookmark this article and check back for regular updates. I will list all of the articles here, so you can easily refer back to information about specific essences and their uses.

To learn how to take flower essences, refer to the first article.

Collection of Stories on Flower Essences

How Flower Essences Help Us Create and Maintain Our Desired Mental & Emotional State

Bach’s Rock Water — The “Life Elixir”

Flower Essence #1 Wild Oat

Flower Essence #2 Red Clover

Flower Essence #3 Cerato

Flower Essence #4 Mustard

Information shared in these articles is educational and is not intended as medical advice. Thank you for reading!

The qualities of high performing team members

I have a son who has big goals. Rather than share his business, I'll say that his most significant career goal requires him, among other things, to work effectively within a team. He will need leadership skills, sure, but most importantly, he will need to work with other people.


Popular reads for working on abundance

I have been working on my wealth mindset for the past couple of months. As someone who avidly pursues self-development, I am used to examining my programming and using questions and differing perspectives to break down my old ideas.

This time, I identified specific patterns in my financial life and…

How looking great keeps us feeling and thinking great

I have been working primarily from home for over ten years. During that time, I was on a lot of conference calls, but rarely ever a video conference. That meant that I was free to wear whatever I wanted, and the only person who would see me was my kid.

Questions for finding our authentic expression

Over the past ten years, I have done a lot of personal development work. I have gone to workshops, read mindset books, earned certifications, worked with energy healers — you get the idea.

As I went to kirtans, yoga festivals, and wild edible plant meet-ups, I was around people with…

I came up with one, but I would love to hear your ideas!

My 12-year-old is getting more interested in weight training.

Thankfully, I did a lot of weight training when I was younger, so I can share what I know. Perhaps a bit of a cliche, but in my early 20s, I had a boyfriend who was a bodybuilder, and he taught…

11 gifts you can feel good about buying and why

Picture of Christmas gifts with red and white wrapping

It’s October and gift guides are starting to come out! I debated about advocating the excesses of consumption around the holidays, but then I realized that people are going to buy things anyway. …

tentree plants ten trees for every item you purchase

View of forest from above

This article includes affiliate links. I am happy to promote brands that are doing the right things!

Introduction to tentree

tentree is a Canadian apparel company founded in 2012 with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact. …

And why they’re a good idea.

Picture of a closet with clothes and shoes

I’ve been creating capsule wardrobes for a long time. A capsule wardrobe is a small, curated set of clothing items that mix and match effortlessly for a look that reflects your aesthetic. I have been doing this to reduce the number of new clothing items I purchase each season.


Orianna Nienan

Enjoy writing about awakening consciousness, conscious consumerism, wellness and all things Earth-friendly.

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