This is an easy article to bookmark as a reference and check for regular updates

Picture of lilac roses

I am in the process of writing a collection of articles about flower essences. If this topic interests you, you may want to bookmark this article and check back for regular updates. I will list all of the articles here, so you can easily refer back to information about specific essences and their uses.

To learn how to take flower essences, refer to the first article.

Collection of Stories on Flower Essences

How Flower Essences Help Us Create and Maintain Our Desired Mental & Emotional State

Bach’s Rock Water — The “Life Elixir”

Flower Essence #1 Wild Oat

Flower Essence #2 Red Clover

Flower Essence #3 Cerato

Flower Essence #4 Mustard

Information shared in these articles is educational and is not intended as medical advice. Thank you for reading!

Orianna Nienan

Enjoy writing about awakening consciousness, conscious consumerism, wellness and all things Earth-friendly.

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